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We are Rollprofi.

Good ideas take us across borders, into unknown territory. To places that require all our experience, knowledge and energy – constantly demanding new ideas from us, so that we can keep moving forward.

At Rollprofi, we are familiar with the special requirements of the electrical industry. We use this knowledge to develop high-quality products for your everyday work. These products are easy to use, durable and therefore absolutely reliable.

Our history

Family-owned for almost 90 years, we work with strong roots in our region and a responsibility for future generations.

Under the name LÜBBERING, we develop, produce and distribute "Technical ideas for demanding users" from our base in Herzebrock, East Westphalia. Johannes Lübbering laid the foundation for the company's success in 1978 with just such a technical idea: the Rollprofi.

This cable drum unwinder – technically sophisticated and equipped with two sturdy support rollers – was designed to relieve every electrician of the burden of unrolling cable drums. Proven over many years, the Rollprofi became a standard product in the electrical trade. Often copied, the LÜBBERING unwinder was given the name that it alone deserves: ORIGINAL.

Our location in Herzebrock. With a great passion for technology & quality and the necessary knowledge & expertise, new ideas are developed and implemented here – so that electricians all over the world continue to entrust their unwinding goods to the products of the Rollprofi product family.


Long service life conserves resources

The durability and reliability of our Rollprofi products is particularly important to us. We promise this with the highest quality and a flexible, technical design. With various spare parts that can be replaced independently at any time, we also ensure many years of use. Whether ORIGINAL rubber feet, CONTOUR clamping cores or CLOU supports – we will be happy to send you the spare part you need or repair your Rollprofi product on site.

From a Facebook-Post dated
31 October 2018.

What you promise, you have to keep.

"Rollprofi Original" in use for 40 years.

Elektro Egelkamp
Master electrician from Hörstel

Quality and robustness – today's mobile phones often give up the ghost after just two years. Or we are annoyed by our television set that gives up the ghost shortly after the warranty expires.

When we buy a new car, we hope from the first day that it will take us from A to B for as long as possible and without major repairs.

A truly astonishing experience regarding quality and robustness reached us at Rollprofi this spring. Our customer "Elektro Egelkamp", a master electrician in Hörstel, complained about a carrier roller from his Rollprofi, but the length he specified did not match any of our current products.

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And we believe that it is also sustainable if you are satisfied with Rollprofi in the long term – and remain so.

Rollprofi is

LÜBBERING developed the first "Rollprofi" over 40 years ago. Under the product family of the same name, it is now traded under the product name "ORIGINAL".

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