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The unrivalled tool for easier handling of cable drums.

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The team player for better grip.

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The wheel to secure damaged cable reels.

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Simply cleverly thought around the corner - quick and easy cable routing for professionals/ the practical all-rounder for secure cable routing.

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The CLOU family - Ready for use for a wide variety of pipe and cable rings.

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The accessory if the ring lacks posture.

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The accessory for the optimum standing on the building shell.

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The accessory for quick changes of locations.

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Simple and flexible – The big one among the large cable rollers.

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Compact and sturdy - The small one among the large cable drum rollers.

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The mobile unwinding tool for cable coils and particularly small internal diameters.

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The small hydraulic cable drum lifting jack up to 2 tons.

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The powerful hydraulic cable drum lifting jack up to 4 tons.

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The powerful hydraulic cable drum lifting jack up to 6 tons.

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Flexible stacking with system.

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The best way to explain our products is to see them in action. We have provided videos to show you the basic functions and benefits.

Each Rollprofi is an

Orig inal

Did you know...?

Professional tips in
sound and vision

With the thread on the side, the rubber feet can no longer be lost.

Use a screwdriver to roll up coils even more quickly and easily.

Easy transportat of the JUMBO by weight shifting and a "click".

Problems releasing the FLEXIPASS? Here is the key.

Your unrolled material lacks posture when unrolling? This keeps everything in position.

Cable reel with a large inner diameter? No problem!

Our motto:

Technical ideas for demanding users.

All our work, our products and systems, our designs, solutions and services are always focussed on your success, your progress and your future.