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Unwinding heavy cables may be part of your job as well. JUMBO can help in any location, particularly in narrow places, due to its two part construction. JUMBO is particularly recommended for use where various cable types need to be installed in a short period. The quick and easy change of drums makes the JUMBO very attractive. The JUMBO is only set up where it is needed at the work place. The drum is moved by fork-lift or simply rolled by hand to the site location. The two parts of the JUMBO are positioned on either side of the drum and then you adjust the movable counter-rollers according to the drum’s diameter. Finally, using a simple lever mechanism you slightly raise the drum into its unwinding position. The stable aluminium and steel construction has maintenance free ball-bearing rollers ensuring a long life and the ingenious design provides full functionality.

Technical Data

Icon Grossabroller
Max. unwinding weight for wodden drums 700 kg
Total load-bearing capacity  1,500 kg
Cable drum Ø min. 500 mm / max. 1,800 mm
Width 277 mm
Length 1,206 mm
Height 195 mm
Weight per element 17 kg

For your order

Delivery: set = 2 pcs.

Roll..Profi Jumbo A90102

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