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RAIL is the efficient cable roller for drums from 50 to 140 cm diameter. Equipped with high-quality supporting rollers running in ball bearings, the RAIL is the reliable unwinding tool for heavy cable products. The drums can be transported by forklift, crane or simply rolled by hand on to the RAIL. The two unwinding rails must be positioned parallel to each other in front of the drum flanges. The swivelling rollers can subsequently be adjusted to the diameter of the cable drum by simply moving them into position. The drum can now be rolled over the ramp on to the ready to use RAIL. The cable drum can be removed by locking the respective supporting roller and rolling the drum out of the RAIL. Like all Roll..Profi products, this system, featuring an allmetal design and sturdy aluminium-steel construction with maintenance-free ball bearings, has been designed to last. The innovative technology of the system provides for maximum functionality.

Technical Data

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Max. unwinding weight for wodden drums  700 kg
Total load-bearing capacity 1,500 kg
Cable drum Ø min. 500 mm
max. 1,400 mm
Width 160 mm
Length 903 mm
Height 120 mm
Weight per element 9 kg

For your order

Delivery: set = 2 pieces

RAIL A90105

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