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Our new hydraulic cable drum lifting jack is the ideal solution for all those who want to easily handle medium-sized drums. Stable and flexibly positionable, the EASYLIFT guarantees safe handling of cable drums up to a weight of 2 t and 1.20 m in diameter on level ground. Our EASYLIFT too offers the familiar easy handling of a Roll..Profi product: Start by fixing the cable drum onto the drum axle using the centering cones. Place the side parts of the EASYLIFT next to the cable drum. Adjust the mounting block to the height of the drum axle and secure it with the locking bolts. By simply pumping, you can hydraulically lift your cable drum and secure it with the locking bolts. You benefit from the philosophy of the Roll..Profi here as well. All parts are secured against loss. With the adjusting screw on the hydraulic jack you can now lower your EASYLIFT into the uwinding position.

Technical Data

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Max. load 2,000 kg
Max. drum Ø 1,200 mm
Min. drum Ø 600 mm
Dimensions (H x D x W) 640 x 450 x 250 mm
Length of drum axle 1,350 mm
Max. drum width 850 mm
Weight per side 24 kg

For your order

Delivery: two side parts, one drum axle, set centering cones

Drum axle 1,500 mm A9011032

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