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The accessory for more size

The Clou, ClouXL and ClouSlim cable coil uncoiler range which has won the IF Product Design Award is eye- catching due to its smart and compact construction design. Three extendable feet provide a slip-resistant and solid stand. The new ClouUp accessory makes it possible to create a solid base for the cable coil uncoiler – even on uneven surfaces. When installing ceiling conduits, for example. The increase in height which is achieved by using the ClouUp, allows to place the cable uncoiler easily between the reinforcing steel. The three-piece ClouUp set can be fixed to the feet in no time by using the clip locks on the feet and so the cable coil uncoiler gains height. Small accessory, big effect. The 80 kg load-bearing capacity of the Clou products is also guaranteed for the ClouUp set.

Technical Data

Storage capacity (L x W x H) 30x 160 x 87 mm
Weight per piece 140 g

For your order

Delivery: 1 set = 3 pieces

ClouUp A90226